French bread attempt #2 (21st Sep)

Remember my first attempt at making French bread? Well, yeah, I tried making it again, and this time, it turned out a little better than the first time. Recipe remains the same, ONLY I figured out 3 days later that I had been using the wrong measuring spoon all along. My Twitter friends would know. LOL. Let’s just say I found out the answer to why my bread has been salty. *Coughs*

So anyway, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking~

Stage 1: Shaggy Dough- when the water, yeast, flour and salt are first mixed with the balloon paddle and laid to rest

Stage 2: After the dough rest

Stage 3: After kneading, form it into a ball with seams side down

Stage 4: Place ball in oiled bowl, covering all of dough's surface with oil and leave to rise in a plastic-covered bowl

Stage 5: Leavening, where dough is laid to rise for 2 hours. Dough is punched down to release air.

Stage 6: Second fermentation- dough is removed, punched down, and formed into an oblong and laid to rise for another 20 minutes

Stage 7: Dough is flattened into a rectangular shape

Stage 7a: Dough end is pressed down into the middle using the edge of the hand. Repeat.

Stage 7b: Dough is flipped 180 degrees and tamped down to be sealed, similar to step 7, only the handwork uses the heel of the hand instead of the edge of the hand. Repeat.

Stage 8: Dough is extended and seams are placed side down onto a slightly damp tea towel to rest for 15 minutes

Stage 9: After 15 minute rest, 3 scores are made downwards

Stage 10: Hot oven @ 425 F, cup of water thrown into the bottom, and in the bread goes

Stage 11: Wait as the dough transforms into a bread!

Stage 12: Remove bread when browned. It will be done when the colour is a healthy, dark golden brown. This should bake for about 20 minutes. Looks YUMMY!

Stage... Well, this isn't a stage actually. This is the most amazing part: CUTTING THE BREAD! The crust should be CRISPY and should give a pleasant, crunchy crackle when cut. For this recipe, the crumb should be dense, moist and full of holes of various sizes!



I HIGHLY recommend you hide your bread in a safe place if you’re not going to be around for a long time. Or else you will face a horrifying shock the next day when you wake up to eat it:

A horrifying shock like finding out that's the only piece left for you. THE ONLY PIECE LEFT FOR YOU. Hur hur hur.